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Lisa Des Camps, owner of Lisa Des Camps Jewelry, on the concept of power jewelry. Yes, it’s a thing.

Certainly you've heard of a power suit. But who wants to wear suits these days? Powerful women don't wear a uniform. They wear their individuality and a personal sense of style. Powerful women make their own identities. 

I suggest that each time you get dressed, you select an item of power jewelry. More fun, more original and way more options. For instance, if you're heading into a day filled with ho-hum meetings (yes, powerful women pay their dues in meeting drudgery), select a few bangles and rings that will entertain you each time you look down at them. What better way to make it through another meeting than with a little visual entertainment? If your day promises negotiations and important conversations, wear a statement ring. There’s nothing like a handful of gold and diamonds to remind you of your competency and how much value you bring to every discussion. Does a high-level social event figure into your day (or evening)? Wear a pair of earrings that will help you stand out and bring the networking to you. Spending time as a mentor? Wear a meaningful charm pendant to remind you of your purpose and telegraph it to others. 

Jewelry is a terrific means of communication. It says a lot about who you are and what you find worthwhile. Plus, it will free up a lot of room in your closet for things other than dreary suits. So put on that power jewelry—then go out and make your statement to the world.