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Lisa Des Camps, owner of Lisa Des Camps Jewelry, on how to be the ultimate gift giver this holiday season.


The best gift givers aren’t those who give expensive gifts but gifts imbued with meaning, specifically chosen for the recipient. Giving this way requires paying attention, reflection and an investment of time to find the perfect thing. This is one of the reasons I love to give jewelry as a gift. Jewelry is intimate; it’s worn close to the skin, thoughtfully chosen each day and tucked away carefully each night. It is impossible to take a piece of jewelry out of the box without thinking about the moments associated with it. If the jewel was received as a gift, that memory strengthens every time you wear it. If you are struggling with what to buy the special women in your life, think about them instead of about the gift. Does your wife love music? Is your daughter your heart? Does your mother tie the family together? Does your sister make you laugh? Does your girlfriend or fiancée light up the room? With those ideas in mind, look for jewels that express how precious each woman is to you. Once you find the perfect treasure, complete the gift with a card that says what you went looking for and why: “You brighten my life! Remember that every time you wear this star.” Pure happiness, for everyone.