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Beauty Editor Diane Aiello finds perfectly packable gems for head-to-toe travel bliss.


Shopping List- Relaxed Summertime Glamour


The last thing a girl wants in the summer is a hairspray, bouffant, caked-on makeup and a fussy ensemble. But one can easily cross over to slob territory with all that R&R. Relaxed days call for relaxed glamour. Here are some exotic pieces to breathe a little charisma into your summer wardrobe.





Shopping List- Bon Voyage! Resort 2010 Collections

A large majority of the population thinks only of the fashion available right in front of their face- in stores, in magazines and online. People hardly even realize how far ahead the fashion industry.


If you happen to work for a magazine publisher, you need to think ahead. Far ahead. For those of us who are completely over Spring ‘09 fashion and have prepared attack plans for the Fall/Winter shopping season already, the 2010 Resort shows are timely and welcome mini-collections to help us see where the future of fashion is headed.



London Fashion is Calling

AZFoothills.com has already brought you "Three Days in Paris," a spring shopping and dining guide showcasing the most exclusive, must-see boutiques and restaurants in Paris. Having spent four months of 2008 in London, I thought I’d follow up with another European shopping guide and share some of my personal experiences, which mostly entail me getting lost, and stumbling across treasure chests of fashion. Here are the places I quickly, and willingly, spent all of my money.

harrods london shopping


Shopping List- Shoe Candy

As I gazed across the spring strappy sandal selection at my favorite department store, a virtual gumball machine of expensive designer goodies, I realized. Candy is to little girls what designer shoes are to big girls. There is no item in a girl’s closet quite as lip-smacking as a perfect pair of designer shoes.


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