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Sell Gold for Cash Here in Arizona

You may have seen the recent flux of advertisements in the local newspapers from E.D. Marshall Jewelers urging people to sell their old jewelry or gold for cash. This is because gold prices are at an all time high, meaning sellers will make more than before, and also meaning that Edmund Marshall is on a buying spree, something he has done many times in the past 38 years as gold prices ebb and flow with the market changes.

gold for cash


The Power of One - Standout Fashion Accessories

Sometimes, all you need is one transformative accessory to make your not-so-noticeable outfit shine.


Freshen Up—Staying Refreshed in the Summer Heat

Beauty Editor Diane Aiello finds the loot to keep you refreshed in the summer heat wave.


Shopping List- White Hot

We are so cranky. The temp is topping 115, we can't breathe in the car it's so hot, and the pool is un-swimmable because we can't walk on the deck and water is warm. Why do we live here again?

This week, all we can think of are white, airy clothes. And because scrubs (and nudity) aren't an option, here are our picks.


Shopping List- Jumping for Joy! Hot Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits can be awfully scary. They have a reputation of riding up unflatteringly and fitting awkwardly, so they've never quite been universally accepted. Plus, it's just too easy to fall back on our favorite black trousers or like-a-glove Paige jeans and a tried-and-true top.


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