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Spring 2010 Shoe Trends from E&J's Designer Shoes

It's great to be a girl! Feminine and flirty is one of the key trends this season. Look for shoes with feminine embellishment - lace, bows, sequins, ruffles.

ej shoes


Slim Down for Spring the Healthy Way

There's nothing worse for your body than slamming on the brakes a week before a pool party or vacation- crash dieting is potentially harmful and can slow your metabolism in the long-run. Megan McNamee, an Arizona nutrition and dietitian extraordinaire, gave AZFoothills.com tips on how to eat healthfully and slim down the healthy way- so we can enjoy our new two-piece and lunch.



April Fashion: Classic Beauty

Jewel tones, lace and bold accessories combine to create timeless, femme fashions - with a twist.


Meet Lauren Pierce Bush

Lauren Peirce Bush, niece of former president George W. Bush and honorary spokesperson for the United Nations World Food Programme, has found a way to merge two of her biggest passions, fashion and philanthropy, with the launch of her Lauren Piece Atelier collection benefiting the Women for Women International organization.


March Fashion: Fashion Evolution

Back To The Future—The joining of timeless and futuristic finds results in an out-of-this-world look.

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