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Shady Lady - Best Sunglasses

Protect your baby blues and amp up your style in these sizzling summer frames.


Let it Shine; Suglass Tips for our Sun-Soaked State of Arizona

Here in our sun-soaked state, sporting sunglasses has become as much of a style statement as a way to shield our eyes from harmful rays—but who says you can’t have fashion-forward protection? Not us—read on for tips on keeping your eyes safe while still looking good.


Extensive Research- Valley Hair Extension Secrets

Lets admit it. We are all a little envious of stars like Jessica Simpson who easily transform from sporting adorable, sophisticated bobs on Friday to rocking gorgeous, long and flowy locks on Saturday. Now you can have fashionable hairstyle quick-draws at an affordable price (and keep your hair healthy too!) with extensions done right here in the Valley.

We asked Valley extension guru and hairstylist Loren Jamilll for her opinion on some famous starlet hair transformations. We want to know- is their hair real? And more importantly, can she give us the same 'do?


Wander Lust

Explore your adventurous side with this summer’s coolest pieces—they’re sure to look chic, no matter where the mood takes you.




Beauty Editor Diane Aiello finds perfectly packable gems for head-to-toe travel bliss.

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