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Your Cellulite Gone- Naturally? Green coffee can have your thighs dimple-free and tight in weeks flat, no dieting or surgery require.


What is Green Coffee?

Just about ten out of ten people have no idea what green coffee is. After receiving dozens of press releases on green coffee and reading letter after letter from readers about its benefits, we had to investigate and separate fact from fiction.

Green coffee is the same coffee billions of people drink every day in the morning- before it is roasted to that deep brown shade we’re all so familiar with. Believe it or not coffee aficionados, there really is a new way to consume your favorite bean- the same coffee we have been drinking for over 1,000 years. This incredible new green coffee is all-natural and good for you.

The Original Lean Bean

Clinical and double blind studies (what a government requires to make a claim) show that not only can you lose weight from green coffee-green, coffee can significantly reduce your chances of getting type-two diabetes, gaul stones in men, it can possibly lower your bad cholesterol. Could all of this be true? The studies were performed by world renowned universities and well-respected scientists and doctors agree the studies are true.

Can something that has been in front of our noses for over 1000 years do all that? We had to have our own investigation so we started talking with some people who say they have lost weight from green coffee.

Edie’s Story

Edie was extremely overweight and depressed with her shape and size after having her child, so she began to diet and exercise, as many people do. After losing a few pounds, she hit the plateau where it became almost impossible to shed any more weight or rid herself of unsightly cellulite. She knew she could change her shape and that a smaller, healthier Edie was inside, but was not sure how to make it happen for herself.

One day, she decided to go out to eat by herself which she normally didn’t do. She was sitting at the bar and overheard three guys pointing to a TV and laughing about a diet product commercial they were saying did not work. They were right- Edie had tried them all with no results. The only thing that really worked were products with ephedrine that had been taken off the market. These three guys went on and on about how great their product was so Edie finally asked what their product was, and what made it so phenomenal.

It was then that she learned about green coffee. It sounded natural, so Edie went to their office and was given a sample bottle. Even though she never thought the product was going to work, and did not diet or exercise, she easily dropped 6 pounds in two weeks and saw her cellulite disappearing. In 30 days her boyfriend told her she was getting too thin. She was so excited to have found something that actually worked and was good for the body.

Further Investigations

After we heard about Edie’s story, we started talking with more women, some of which said green coffee not only got rid of their weight, but also rid their bodies of cellulite. That is when we really took notice- nothing that we’re aware of, besides liposuction, has been able to drastically diminish women’s lives of cellulite. Our investigation shows we may have found a real cellulite burner and the even better news is, its natural and its good for you.

Now that we heard the testimonies of numerous women who have lost weight, cellulite and the many women and men who take green coffee because it just makes them feel better, we wanted to find out what was in green coffee that was so different from other pills or supplements.

We learned that before it is roasted, coffee is rich in chlogenic acid. A group of Asian scientists found out that if a person consumes a certain amount of green coffee daily before meals they could lose up to 30% of their body fat and the appearance of cellulite. This chlogenic acid and the natural caffeine working together are what helps a person lose weight and diminish the look of cellulite. This combination is important because many of the green coffee products we’ve read about have rid the product of the bean’s caffeine, and the blend of the chlogenic acid and caffeine create a weight-loss effect.

This is big news for the weight-loss industry and people who want a natural source of energy instead of using energy drinks. Green coffee will give you energy but never make you feel jittery.

Now that we know there is something to green coffee, we wanted to get the real secret of it’s related weight loss and cellulite reduction. We asked Doctor Samuel Amen, a local Phoenix doctor who helped develop one of the only green coffee products being sold in the United States, to give us the facts. Amen says, “Green coffee slows down the rate the body metabolizes sugar. This is a key component to gaining weight or slowing down the weight gain process.”

That’s all we needed to hear. For more information on green coffee and to try AFM’s green coffee pick visit greencoffeeproductsaf.com.