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Big Agnes x Helinox x Burton Table One

This lightweight, outdoor table is perfect for eating, drinking or playing a campsite game of poker. It’s portable and packable; super easy for traveling with the kids. Stocked with two central cup holders, your drinks will be accessible and sturdy at all times. Say goodbye to the plastic table with wobbly legs and hello to your new outdoor entertainment table. To purchase now, click here.

Big Agnes x Helinox x Burton Chair One

This compressed and deployable chair is great for camping, soccer games, concerts and parking lot parties. A good chair is a must for camping outdoors (how else are you supposed to sit and enjoy your s’mores?) The Burton Chair is a comfortable, sturdy, made-for-the-outdoors chair that is perfect for all ages. To get your Burton Chair now, click here.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Staying hydrated in this heat is so important. These insulated, stainless-steel bottles keep your drinks cold for hours. They are perfect on-the-go and for long days outside. Hydro Flasks come in different shapes, sizes and colors so the kids can choose their favorite as an incentive to drink more water. Click here to learn more and see other products.