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The longing for Loreto happens most often when dusk hits. There are few places where the sunsets are as spectacular as in Baja.

Allow yourself to be swept off your feet and into the arms of euphoria as the Technicolor rainbow of light makes its final appearance at Villa del Palmar for the day. And lay in the seaside hammock as the twinkling stars start their performance.

But don’t get too caught up in the beauty that you miss out on the delectable dining options the resorts offers. From my personal favorite -- the vibrantly festive Beach Party with live music and entertainment featuring classic foods with a Loreto twist -- to the fabulous fine dining at Danzante with top-notch wine choices and the finest seafood in Baja, the food here does not disappoint.

My favorite hidden secret of Villa del Palmar serves as the perfect cherry on top of your resort experience sundae. Remember the Sierra de La Giganta Mountains mentioned earlier? Head up there post-dinner for a truly spectacular sight -- I’m talking the dreamiest secret getaway you could imagine.

Tucked away in the perfectly picturesque mountains littered with cacti sits a yurt that, on the weekend, transforms into a disco. But don’t go there expecting big crowds. Chances are good you’ll be the one bringing the party, as well the music requests. But the charm behind the experience is truly unforgettable, and was unquestionably one of my favorite and most unique adventures to date.

How many people can say they’ve been to a yurt disco in the remote mountains of Baja? I’m guessing only as many as have been to the yurt disco at Villa del Palmar.