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Seasoned Pro

A veteran marshal of the FBR Open, Gene Fulks, 85, returns this year as a volunteer for the 30th time. Since beginning as a marshal at the Phoenix Country Club back in 1979, Fulks has been a mainstay long before FBR became the title sponsor.

“There was a sign-up sheet at the golf course and that is how I got started,” recalls Fulks, who now resides in Sun City. “I just really enjoy it. I still have all my pins and badges from all those years.”

As supervisor for the marshals on the back nine of the golf course, you can find Fulks patrolling in a golf cart. While his love of the game compelled him to volunteer at the tourney, a year ago, Fulks underwent a five-way heart bypass that sidelined him from playing. He hopes to return to the game as soon as possible. In the meantime, aside from his hobbies of pool and bowling on the Nintendo Wii gaming system, Fulks focuses his efforts on contributing to the smooth operation of the tournament he has enjoyed for three decades, and more to come.

“I’ll probably come back as long as I can,” Fulks says.

Favorite Tournament Viewing Location:

“At the tee box of the 13th hole, there is a great hill [where] you can see players tee off on 13 and putting out on the 12th hole,” Fulks says. “And if you walk over a little bit you can watch seven and eight near there too. It’s a wonderful place to watch the tournament from.”