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Are there aspects of home design that are unique to Arizona? 

Yes, Arizona has a very specific light that makes certain colors seem drab, or (conversely) too bright. I think good design accepts and embraces the terrain, in this case with earth tones, and cooling colors and textures inspired by nature. Arizona's desert climate of extremes creates a landscape that is both harsh and beautiful. Personally, I don't agree with trying to tame the landscape using gallons of precious water to have grass and plants and trees that don't belong in a desert. Indigenous grasses, plants, trees, and of course, cacti, will thrive, look gorgeous and support the ecosystem. There are not that many places with a thriving population that can have such a unique designs and way of life. Arizona - I find it stunning!

What is the most rewarding part of your profession? 

In my experience, whether for my private clients or the homeowners on my show, I have the chance to transform a space to be everything that is needed, wanted, and more. No matter what the budget, I can find a way to move things around and use space in a way that gives a whole new perspective to a room, or an entire home. To be able to understand and bring to fruition what can't always be expressed by homeowners is a great experience for me. I get to make people, happy in their homes!