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Ethan Schnitzer

Ethan Schnitzer


What do you like most about Brophy? What do you like least about it?

Like Most: All of the great academic, social and extra-curricular activities. Brophy also has great teachers who care about their students.

Like Least: There are not enough girls around!

Who is your favorite teacher and what is your favorite subject?

My favorite subject is Spanish with Sr. Cordova because he can teach us the language without boring us to tears.

How did you hear about Brophy?

My next-door neighbor and best friend, Matt Freund who is a Brophy graduate.

How has Brophy changed your life?

When I first entered Brophy I was still a baby, and because of them now I am a man.

What did/does your family think about Brophy?

My family is proud that I am part of the long list of “Men For Others,” who exemplifies the mission of the Brophy community.

If willing, please tell us a time in your life that was particularly difficult for you and how you were able to overcome it. Was the Brophy community apart of helping you get through it?

Coming from a public school, it was a big change academically and socially attending Brophy. The community helped me feel like I was in my right place.

What would you tell other boys who are interested in Brophy?

Get involved in as many great activities as you can.

Do you have a favorite memory of Brophy?

Waffles (Father Reese’s dog) rescued me from joining the obesity epidemic in America by helping me eat half of my lunch everyday and keeping my calorie count low!

What will you miss most about Brophy?

All of the great friendships that I have made, and the fact that I am so comfortable at Brophy whether I am in or outside of the classroom.

What college or university do you plan to attend?

Because of the preparation that Brophy has provided to me, I am applying to a range of schools.