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From left to right: Alana Millstein, Max Hansen, Joe Morales, Arie Luyendyk Jr., Maureen O’Brien

Alana Millstein, 29

Though good looks and chiseled features would a bonus, what Millstein seeks most in a partner is a sense of humor, ambition, intelligence, humbleness and an outgoing personality. When not working as the co-owner of Envida Group, Millstein likes to toss on some boots and take in a country concert, sip cocktails with friends and train for her pilot’s license.

AFM: What is the most romantic thing you’ve done for a partner?

AM: Surprised him with a couples massage on the beach.

AFM: What can you offer a potential mate?

AM: Not just a partner but best friend. I’m fiercely loyal and will be your No.1 supporter.

Max Hansen, 38

This doting single dad is the CEO of Y Scouts Inc. and Job Brokers, Inc.; he has been his own boss since he was 26. Hansen’s dream date would involve the beach, a spicy Bloody Mary and watching the Seattle Seahawks win their first Super Bowl, so it is no surprise that this avid golfer seeks a partner who is athletic, cares about fitness and is just as comfortable in flip flops as she is in heels.

AFM: What can you offer a potential mate?

MH: I believe I offer a fulfilling and adventurous time with lots of laughs, both with me and at me. I’m a dedicated father, and if they’re really lucky, they may get to meet the best part about me—my son!

AFM: Who was your first love?

MH: That’s easy—my mom. What’s there not to love?

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 Joe Morales, 35

Morales’ professional life as the chief marketing officer and luxury real estate advisor for Mike Domer Group is all about being creative and driven while his down time is about connecting with his son, family and friends (with music, movies, travel, photography and hiking mixed in). He is seeking a mate who can teach and inspire him; but, above all, sincerity, passion and kindness are the keys to his heart.

AFM: Do you hope to get married one day?

JM: I’m looking for a serious relationship and, eventually, marriage, but I'm not looking to jump into anything without getting to know someone first. Most of all, I’m looking for deep connection and chemistry.

AFM: Who is your celebrity crush?

JM: Sofia Vergara.

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Arie Luyendyk Jr., 32

Though this professional racing driver enjoyed extravagant dates on Season 8 of “The Bachelor,” Luyendyk believes the simplest date could be the most perfect one—as long as it is spent with the right person. Luyendyk finds chemistry as the most important trait in a woman and believes that romance is made from small, unexpected gestures, rather than grand displays. In his free time, you’ll catch the Scottsdale resident karting at the local course, hiking, taking his dog, Bastian, to the park and dining out at Postino or any of the Fox Restaurant Concepts.

AFM: Do you hope to get married one day?

AL: Of course! I just hope she's out there. I've had a few close calls and sometimes I wonder if I let love slip away.

AFM: What can you offer a potential mate?

AL: A lot of laughs, adventure and good coffee. What else do you need?

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 Maureen O’Brien, 32

O’Brien is mighty passionate about music; she is the development director at the Musical Instrument Museum, a practicing musician (flute, piano and voice) and the co-founder of Classical Revolution PHX. O’Brien also considers herself a foodie (with a knack for throwing dinner parties), is obsessed with tango dancing after a trip to Argentina (she would love to date a great dancer) and kind, giving and loyal.

AFM: What is your dream date?

MO: Local; cocktail at Last Drop Bar followed by live music and salsa dancing. Dream world: Sailing around the Scottish isles and visiting single-malt distilleries.

AFM: Do you hope to get married one day?

MO: I would like to marry again. I approach life’s challenges as opportunities to learn and grow, and my hope is that the insights I gain from each of my relationships prepare me to be a better partner.