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From left to right: Dr. Anthony Admire, M.D., Toniann Rotante, Nicholas U’Ren, Bryan Fitch

Anthony Admire, M.D., 42

Admire, of Scottsdale-based Admire Plastic Surgery, can be found jetting the globe nearly as often as he can be seen in the operating room. Recently, the successful plastic surgeon has traveled to New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Spain, Italy, France (twice), Cayman Islands and Dominican Republic. He also competes in triathlons year-round, can be found golfing on most Fridays (he is in office Monday through Thursday) and seeks a great conversationalist who will appreciate his weird sense of humor.

AFM: Do you hope to get married one day?  

AA: If my family is reading this, then yes! Otherwise, the George Clooney lifestyle seems pretty good, too.

AFM: What is the most romantic thing you’ve done for a partner?  

AA: I attempted to make shrimp paella. I’m a horrible cook, so needless to say, it didn’t go very well.

Toniann Rotante, 35

Rotante is an engineer, fitness model and host; though that doesn’t leave much time to spare (even squeezing in workouts on her lunch hour), she likes to spend free moments hiking or traveling back east to spend time with family. In a significant other, she would like a true partner with whom she shares the same core values and morals and who will inspire, encourage and motivate her.

AFM: What can you offer a potential mate?  

TR: I think a better question would be what can I not offer a potential mate and the answer would be nothing.

AFM: Who was your first love?

TR: My first love is my dad, and it’s still going strong.

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Nicholas U'Ren, 26

Working for the Phoenix Suns (as the Director of Video, Basketball Operations), U’Ren has a chock-full schedule during the season, between games and travel. So when it comes to dates, he likes to keep things simple and understated. He enjoys going out on spontaneous, late dinners (most likely somewhere Italian has he cites Giada de Laurentiis as his celebrity crush) and is attracted to a woman who is ambitious, sincere and has a generous spirit.

AFM: Do you hope to get married one day?

NU: Absolutely. However, I'm not in a hurry, and I'm willing to be patient. I look forward to eventually getting married and spending time together before starting a family. 

AFM: Who was your first love?

NU: Kimberly Anne. She was the most popular and attractive senior while I was a sophomore in high school.

Bryan Fitch, 34

Fitch, the lead UI/UX designer at Tempe’s Mindspace, considers himself a romantic old soul who likes the treat the little things in life as important as the grand things. In his spare time, he enjoys drawing, finding new music, visiting with friends and cooking. Though he would like to get married one day, it isn’t a must.

AFM: What is your dream date?

BF: I struggle with this idea because it’s too abstract to consider without a mate. With that in mind, maybe I was born in the wrong era, but a nice slow dance would be pretty fantastic.  

AFM: What do you seek in a partner?

BF: I look for a best friend, who not only finds beauty and respect in herself, but treats her mate with just as much respect.