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Greg Bielli
Kids: Matthew, 23; and twin girls, Katelyn and Courtney, 17

Greg Bielli, president of Newland Communities’s Western region, knows what’s needed to balance a high-powered career and three young adults. His ticket to happiness undoubtedly is family. Described as “focused” by his wife Vicki as well as by family and friends, Bielli’s absolute attention is on his children. Bielli recalls his oldest child, Matthew’s days of playing junior high football and basketball—proudly noting that he rarely missed a game. Today, the family keeps up with their twin girls: Katelyn, a captain for the Desert Mountain High School girls’ basketball team and Courtney, a competitive horse jumper. Bielli says his best memories come from being his children’s biggest fan, whether in the stands or on the field. —C.W.

Biggest challenge of fatherhood: “My biggest challenge was seeing my kids go through tough times, making decisions and letting them grow from them.”

On what his kids have taught him: “Humility. It doesn’t matter how far you’ve come in the ranks of business or how important that may be to others; it’s the kids that bring you back down to earth.”

Fatherly advice: “Be happy and true to yourself.”