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Chris Snyder
Kids: Chase, 4; Thalia, 2

As a starting player for the Arizona Diamondbacks, Chris Snyder has emerged as one of the top catchers in the Major Leagues. Any baseball fan can tell you that his offensive production has increased every year, and at 28 years old, he’s just now reaching his prime. During the dog days of summer, his wife and two kids sit in the stands and cheer him on. “I think the best part of my day is after a game, seeing my little guy come running into the clubhouse,” Snyder says. “He doesn’t care how I did; he’s just happy to see his daddy.”—R.L.

Best Father’s Day gift: “Chase was about 8 months old and I got to the [ball] park in San Francisco and somehow my wife found a way to put a tape recorder in my locker of him talking and laughing. To this day I will still listen to that tape.”

On how they spend quality time: “We’ll wrestle, play baseball or run through the house playing dodge ball. The whole family gets involved. It’s always a fun, chaotic mess.”