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Sean McLaughlin
Kids: Mia, 5; Jack, 3; and Peter, 2

After establishing a successful broadcasting career in the Valley, Sean McLaughlin, 42, moved his family to New York City to become MSNBC’s chief meteorologist. It was during the busy hurricane season of 2005 that McLaughlin felt the strain on his work/family balance. “We were pregnant with Jack at the time and I had to send my wife back to Phoenix to have Jack.” Though McLaughlin made it to Phoenix in time to welcome Jack into the world, he was faced with a dilemma. “I had to decide if I was going to work all my life or whether I was going to balance family and work. I chose the second one.” Now back in the Valley as chief meteorologist and anchor for KPHO Channel 5, McLaughlin and his clan enjoy spending time together in many ways, especially hiking Squaw Peak. —N.B.

What his kids have taught him: “I don’t think I have ever met a journalist with a lot of patience, but when you have three kids, 5 and under, you really gain a perspective of patience,” McLaughlin says, laughing. “I think they have taught me that careers aren’t everything, that to me the true measure of success of a man is if he is a good father.”

What he looks forward to for his children: “I don’t think there can be any greater reward than raising a child who contributes to society,” McLaughlin says. “It takes a lot of sacrifice, but you have to in order for them to grow up and be good, loving kids. And if you make that sacrifice, you are going to get rewarded over and over again down the line.”