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The AZ Insider: Phoenix Bachelor Engaged...

"The AZ Insider" with Kathy Shayna Shocket: Get the inside scoop on Arizona's social scene and celebrity news.


This week: Breaking news.. A well known bachelor in the Phoenix fundraising social scene is now engaged and more...


Fabulosity- Nick Cave, Barneys, Wintour and more

"Fabulosity" with Corbin Chamberlin- The latest on Scottsdale and Phoenix arts, culture and fashion from the most glamorous guy we know.

Nick Cave's Soundsuit Exhibit- Sesame Steet Couture

This week I took a stroll to SMoCA, What I discovered was pure visual ecstasy--The Nick Cave “soudsuit” exhibit. A collection of overly-embellished wearable sculptures: Mannequins cloaked in articles such as sequined sweaters similar to those from the 1980’s Dallas sitcom, dyed human hair in blinding neon colors with polka-dot accents, birds and vintage toys. Only one thing comes to mind: “Sesame Street couture”.


Cleaning out Your Jewelry Box

Whether the down economy is effecting you financially or not, its got to have everybody thinking about excess and how the trend these days is to pare down your lifestyle and get rid of wastefulness. Many people are cleaning out their closets in an effort to live more organized and waste-free, and some folks are even opening up their jewelry boxes and freeing themselves of old, unwanted jewelry, and making some money at the same time.



AZ Insider: Barneys Party in Scottsdale

Kathy Shayna Shocket: Get the inside scoop on Arizona's social scene and celebrity news.


This week: Which celeb is babbling about the soon to open Barneys Scottsdale...?


Mayo Clinic: Reaching New Heights on Earth and in Space

Few health care organizations in the world have a name as well known and a reputation as respected as Mayo Clinic. One exciting area at Mayo is the Aerospace Medicine program.


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