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I'm a busy girl. Up early, to bed late, activites filling my every hour in between. I've got things to do. So I'm embarrassed to admit that I actually had to be reminded to slow down, by my microwave. Yes, my microwave.

A loud beep alerted me from across the kitchen that my Soba Noodles with asian vegetables from Trader Joe's was ready for lunch. As I popped open the microwave door, I noticed the words ENJOY flashing across the screen. The bright green letters seemed to mock me. A machine telling me what to do? "Enjoy your lunch Alexis." As if to say I wouldn't have thought of it myself, but would I have? I mean, we do live in a fast paced world. Fast cars, fast food, fast internet connection. Are we moving so fast that we are missing out on life's greatest moments?

In a perfect world, we'd escape to a deserted island once a day for a few hours, right? Picture this... You're laying in a hammock, gentle breeze rocking you back and forth as you slowly sip a pina colada? Ahh, sounds divine. But let's be honest, between work and friends, the kids, the gym, it's nice just to be able to actually sit down while you're eating a meal.  And then don't forget about the emails and tweeting and the texting, who even has time for a real conversation when you can get your point across in 140 characters or less? Go, go, go all the time.

I try to slow down once a day. So where do I go for even just five minutes of peace and quiet? My balcony. As I look out in front of me right now, I can see an emerald green sea backed up to a powder blue sky with white fluffy clouds. The palm trees are swaying in the wind like giant blades of grass and I can hear the sounds of the city. An airplane overhead, a train whizzing by on the tracks, a ship blowing it's horn and a man calling out to his child, "Hold my hand, buddy." Sometimes I'm only out here for 10 minutes, but sometimes I'll stay till the sun sets behind the horizon and a giant moon takes its place. Either way, it's a time for me to slow down. Time to clear my head, reflect on my day and be alone with my thoughts.

I know, life can get hectic. Sometimes you want to just pull your hair out! But just like my microwave reminded me, I'd like to remind you. Enjoy. Enjoy all that life has to offer. A glass of your favorite Cab, a perfect sunny day, a hug from your child, a run through the park, a phone call from an old friend, a kiss on the cheek, a piece of peach pie. Whatever it is that makes you happy, let it. Let it make you happy and enjoy where you are in the exact moment that you are there.

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Alexis’ hair by Giselle Von Schell / Photography by Martin Mann