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WE KNOW who Taylor Swift Met...

On Taylor Swifts visit to Phoenix during her Speak Now tour last Friday, October 21st she selected one lucky person to come backstage and meet her. The show wraps up at 11 PM, and the lucky fan was brought backstage to meet the singer. After a few moments Taylor comes running out with open arms to greet Maya Thompson and her friends from Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Maya Thompson, a local mother living in Phoenix must be the strongest woman in Arizona. After watching her almost 4 year old son Ronan die from Neuroblastoma, a cancerous tumor only found in infants and children. The mother of three writes in her blog:

“I say it is offensive the way people say the word, F***. It is only offensive to people whom have obviously never lost a child. It’s a word. Get over it. Childhood Cancer. Now that is something to be offended by. When Ronan was diagnosed with cancer, it made sense to have bracelets made so people could show their support. I stayed true to who I was and what I was feeling, which just happened to be, “F*** YOU CANCER!” It also made me laugh during the darkest of times, like when I was in a hospital for over 21 days straight, with my baby boy."

Starting The Ronan Thompson Foundation and gaining public support for childhood cancer victims Maya certainly is not only a strong individual but also a dedicated mother, and a role model to all of us.  

Visit Maya's blog and get to find out more about Ronan and how you can help support the Thompson family and other childhood cancer patients. This woman is pretty bad***!!



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