Home Dining Wine & Spirits Pernod Absinthe at Morton's The Green Hour - Page 3


1.5oz Absinthe
Sugar Cube
Ice Water
Absinthe Spoon- provided for you.
Absinthe Water and Ice Holder with Spouts- provided for you.

Glassware: Pernod Absinthe glass provided to you

Instructions: Fill Absinthe water holder with ice and water in equal parts.
Pour 1.5 ounces of Absinthe in one of the Absinthe glasses and place it
under one of the water spouts on the water holder. Place Absinthe spoon
with one sugar cube on top of the spoon, lengthwise across the top of the
Absinthe glass so the sugar cube is also directly underneath the
waterspout. Slowly open the waterspout so the water only drips over the
sugar cube and through the spoon into the Absinthe glass below. Let the
water drip until it gives 3 ounces of water. At about three ounces the
Absinthe will turn white, which is called, "The loosh." Take glass away
from water and remove spoon (sugar should have dissolved due to the water
drip) and serve glass of Absinthe to guest. Total liquid in drink will be
4.5 ounces.