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I knew the traditional Absinthe drink had an anise-y flavor and was mixed with water, but had no idea about the production that went into it. An ounce and a half went into the traditional Absinthe glasses, which have a bubble at the base to hold the green liqueur. A slotted spoon was placed across the glass with a sugar cube balanced on top. The bartender then used an amazing fairy fountain to drizzle ice cold water over the sugar cube, making a sweet, cloudy green, surprisingly amazing bev.

absinthe fountain drip

Another surprise to me, the liqueur could be shaken with ice or stirred into other delicious concoctions. Guests were offered the Monkey Gland, made of absinthe, gin, OJ and grenadine; Sazerac, made with absinthe, whiskey and bitters; and Les Deuce, which is absinthe served with raspberry puree, Absolut and Champagne.

martini with absinthe

Readers should certainly spice up their boring, vodka/soda lives by rotating in Absinthe cocktails once in a while. See the below recipes to learn how. But I have to say, I absolutely favor the original Absinthe, because of the unique taste and intoxicating spell it puts over you. But don't try to make it yourself-there's something so old-world and charming about the production and fountain at Morton's, you'll need to experience it that way to truly appreciate it.

The only downfall? All the unnecessary online shopping the little green fairy made me do when I got home.

-Claire Perkins