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The Best Of Our Valley Contest has officially ended!

Click here to see the official list of winners!

Most Influential Woman in the Valley
Ali Vincent, The First-Ever Female Biggest Loser
33.78 %
Carrie Martz, Owner and Founder of The Martz Agency
1.76 %
Deborah Bateman, Executive Vice President of National Bank of Arizona
18.58 %
Ginger Clayton, Owner of Elontec
12.19 %
Jamie Hormel, Owner of The Wrigley Mansion Club
0.44 %
Jen Burgess, Media Relations Consultant
0.41 %
Kari Yatkowski, Founder and President of Haven Charitable Foundation
28.68 %
Libby Cohen, Philanthropist
0.22 %
Linda Hunt, President of St. Joseph's Hospital & Medical Center
3.09 %
Stephenie Meyer, Author of the Twilight Series
0.60 %
Trish Bear, President & Founder of I-ology
0.25 %

     Last year's winner.
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