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London Fashion is Calling

AZFoothills.com has already brought you "Three Days in Paris," a spring shopping and dining guide showcasing the most exclusive, must-see boutiques and restaurants in Paris. Having spent four months of 2008 in London, I thought I’d follow up with another European shopping guide and share some of my personal experiences, which mostly entail me getting lost, and stumbling across treasure chests of fashion. Here are the places I quickly, and willingly, spent all of my money.

harrods london shopping


Shopping List- Shoe Candy

As I gazed across the spring strappy sandal selection at my favorite department store, a virtual gumball machine of expensive designer goodies, I realized. Candy is to little girls what designer shoes are to big girls. There is no item in a girl’s closet quite as lip-smacking as a perfect pair of designer shoes.



Mother of The Groom Dress Shopping


It’s wedding season and it’s not just the bride who need to find that perfect dress. Buying a Mother of the Groom (MOG) dress can be very stressful too, when you consider all the options for color, length and what’s in style this season. DeDee Madonia, owner of The Quintessential Bride and Formal Wear makes it her job to help MOGs find the perfect outfit for their son’s big day. Here, she offers some tips on feeling great on your son’s special day:


Eco-Friendly Fashion

“Going Green” is a common phrase in our vocabularies nowadays. The demand for eco-friendly clothes, furniture, cars, and clothes is increasing at lighting speeds. We all want to help the planet, but dressing environmentally friendly doesn’t require you to pack granola in your vegan Matt & Nat handbag. In honor of Earth Day, I’d like to share some stylish items that are better for the planet, but look just as fabulous as the tired, unsustainable clothes we used to sport.

Stella McCartney Perforated Organic Canvas Shopper ($645)



Global Shopping: Brazilian Gems

While Rio de Janeiro is the home base for couture jewelry powerhouse H. Stern, it is also a serious haven for power shopping. At every price point, this city has everything you’d want and need, and from head to toe.

shopping in brazil

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