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Shady Lady - Best Sunglasses

Protect your baby blues and amp up your style in these sizzling summer frames.


Let it Shine; Suglass Tips for our Sun-Soaked State of Arizona

Here in our sun-soaked state, sporting sunglasses has become as much of a style statement as a way to shield our eyes from harmful rays—but who says you can’t have fashion-forward protection? Not us—read on for tips on keeping your eyes safe while still looking good.



Beauty Editor Diane Aiello finds perfectly packable gems for head-to-toe travel bliss.


Shopping List- Relaxed Summertime Glamour


The last thing a girl wants in the summer is a hairspray, bouffant, caked-on makeup and a fussy ensemble. But one can easily cross over to slob territory with all that R&R. Relaxed days call for relaxed glamour. Here are some exotic pieces to breathe a little charisma into your summer wardrobe.





Shopping List- Bon Voyage! Resort 2010 Collections

A large majority of the population thinks only of the fashion available right in front of their face- in stores, in magazines and online. People hardly even realize how far ahead the fashion industry.


If you happen to work for a magazine publisher, you need to think ahead. Far ahead. For those of us who are completely over Spring ‘09 fashion and have prepared attack plans for the Fall/Winter shopping season already, the 2010 Resort shows are timely and welcome mini-collections to help us see where the future of fashion is headed.


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