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Top 10 Tucson Women's Groups

Women have it all these days: successful careers, loving families and even the designer clothes; but what’s it all worth without fellow fearless females to share it with? At these 10 women’s groups, you’ll bond over more than shopping and coffee; rather, you’ll make lifelong connections with women whose interests and passions are as unique as you are.



Tucson’s Children’s Activities

With the kids officially out of school for the next couple of heat-drenched months, you’ll need more than just the park and swimming pool circuit to keep the little ones entertained and the play dates painless. The following Tucson attractions are fun and educational ways to get your tykes out of the house for a few hours. Plus, you may even learn a thing or two.


Keeping Busy in Tucson

With the weather rapidly heating up and the kids antsy to be out of school, it’s a great time to get out of the house and experience something new. Lucky for us, Tucson has an endless amount of enjoyable events and ways in which to stay occupied this spring and summer—no matter who you’re entertaining. Here are a few of our picks to look forward to.

Tour Sabino Canyon by Moonlight



New Tucson Shops and Restaurants

Once solely referred to as the Wild West, Tucson has long been known for its desert terrain, majestic mountains and sizzling temperatures. While these characteristics still ring true today, Tucson has since expanded into a metropolis of high-end dining, shopping and resort living. In fact, additional chic hotspots are frequently popping up before our very eyes. Don’t miss out on the next best place to grab a bite to eat or snag a good deal—read on to learn about some of Tucson’s greatest new arrivals.

gold-restaurant tucson


Women Who Move the City 2009

These passionate and successful women have outdone themselves, all in different ways, to make significant contributions to our community. Here, we’ve laid out the inspiring stories of several remarkable women who help to make Tucson the fantastic place we call home.

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