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University of Arizona Homecoming 2009

It's that time of the year again when proud alums, supportive families, and enthusiastic Tucson residents converge on the University of Arizona's campus to celebrate Homecoming. This tradition dates back to 1914, giving UA the honor of being one of first universities to host homecoming festivities.



Apple Annie’s Corn Maze

With more than 18 acres of corn, six miles of pathways and endless amounts of family friendly fun, Apple Annie’s Corn Maze is the ideal place for people of all ages to celebrate the fall season.



Tucson Halloween Activities and Events

For many, dressing themselves and their homes for Halloween are some of the most exciting activities of the year. For instance, homes become haunted houses, yards become makeshift graves (thanks to props), sugary goodies are dispersed to the wee ones and parties are thrown to entertain the masses--all while disguised in costume. So as we wait for the return of this year’s ghouls and goblins, let’s see what other themed events are popping up around Tucson.



Nightfall, Harvest of Fear

Legend has it that the terror town of Nightfall, an attraction at Old Tucson Studios, was terrorized by Dr. Jebediah Hyde years ago when it first opened. However, after years of “incessantly torturing the inmates of the Goulliard Asylum for the Perpetually Insane in the name of scientific research,” his trusty lab assistant Isabel—whom he had abducted and forced to help perfect his techniques—began manifesting her own medical miracle. Only this theory didn’t aid the ol’ doc’s research.



Tucson Meet Yourself Festival

One of the things that makes Tucson a unique and a fun place to live is its cultural diversity and eclectic arts scene. One way to really experience such variety is by visiting the many fall festivals that take place this time of year, one of the most interesting being the Tucson Meet Yourself festival. Happening this weekend, Tucson Meet Yourself is jam-packed full of food, cultural art and performances—and best of all, it’s extremely family-friendly.


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