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Leave your BlackBerry and laptop at home, and breathe some fresh air in Greer.
During the five-hour drive from Tucson to Greer (year-round population: 150), I couldn’t help but wonder if it was really necessary to go to all this trouble. Sure, I knew the mountains would be postcard-perfect and the cabins would be cozy and quaint; but still, I had my doubts. I figured myself to be more of a big-city kind of gal, preferring to spend my days lounging by the pool of a five-star resort than blazing a trail through the forest. But shortly after my arrival, as I lounged on the spacious patio of Greer Lodge, watching other visitors fly-fishing and feeding the ducks in the picturesque property’s small ponds, I began to understand why so many Arizona families make the trek to this charming locale.
First of all, Greer is pretty—really, really pretty. Whichever time of year you choose to visit, you can’t go wrong. Choose spring for flowers and greenery, fall for strikingly beautiful foliage or winter for the pristine blanket of snow. Of course, a summer getaway to Greer, where the average seasonal temperature is approximately 75 degrees, is a no-brainer for those of us who measure the summer temperature not by whether or not you can fry an egg on the sidewalk, but rather, how long it takes to do so.
It’s also an ideal destination for a variety of leisure purposes. Greer Lodge Resort, one of the largest and best-appointed accommodations in the area, staffs a full-time wedding coordinator who will help you plan your dream reception in one of three different facilities on the property. For a rehearsal dinner, options range from elegant to intimate. And if you’re not into destination weddings, a honeymoon in Greer is a great option for romance and relaxation, without the hassle and last-minute bustle of overseas travel.
Besides being ideal for couples, there is perhaps no place better suited for family reunions than Greer, especially at the Greer Lodge Resort inside the main lodge, which houses 11 guest rooms on three floors, with one large living room in the center. You and the gang can play board games, build a fire in the fireplace or just catch up in the cozy living area—then retreat to your rooms when you’ve had enough family bonding for one day. The ultracomfy rooms in the main lodge are outfitted with massive king beds, two inviting armchairs and spacious bathrooms, some of which feature jetted tubs and glass-door showers. As another benefit, the lodge is directly adjacent to the 373 Bar & Grill Restaurant, making mealtime with even the largest of broods practically fuss-free. The restaurant’s fare is exactly the comforting, hearty type of food that suits a mountain getaway. Prime rib, juicy steaks and fresh fish are typical dinner offerings—no fancy-schmancy foams and reductions here.
Although you might not necessarily think of an action-packed vacation to Greer, a multitude of activities are available that satisfy a variety of personality types. Care to take a leisurely horseback ride through the prairie? Or perhaps you’d like to brave the winter cold and burn some calories cross-country skiing? Maybe you’d prefer a relaxing massage? Whatever your desire, Greer’s got you covered.
Of course, there are some activities you most likely won’t partake in during your stay in Greer, particularly if you decide to stay in certain rooms at Greer Lodge. Set your TiVo before you leave home to avoid any anxiety over missing “Grey’s Anatomy,” because there are no TV’s in the guest rooms of the main lodge. (There are a number of accommodations at Greer Lodge that do include a TV and DVD player, just in case you absolutely can’t miss one episode of Dr. Grey and her crew.)
Although the Bose stereo system is the only high-tech form of entertainment provided in the rooms of the main lodge, I doubt you’ll miss technology at all. In fact, the sometimes spotty cellphone coverage is the perfect excuse not to check work e-mails on your BlackBerry at 3 a.m., like you frequently do at home. So go ahead—set your cellphone to silent, and sit back and enjoy the quiet natural beauty that renders Greer a popular Northern Arizona vacation destination.