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Jason Adler Baby Photo

AFM: Do you have any goals as a father or things you try to consistently work on?

Diggs: I want to introduce her to stuff early and often, whether it’s food or experiences. She gets bounced around by our dogs a little bit, but she loves it. She’s very resilient. She had her shots today and cried for like, 30 seconds and is like over it. I think knowing that we’ll always be here for her and she’ll always be safe with us but at the same time, giving her a resiliency to be able to explore on her own, even if it’s just crawling around the living room or something like that, (is my goal).

Adler: Every day I come to work and go to work knowing it’s for her. It’s for my daughter. The future goal is obviously to give her a good upbringing and make sure she has everything that she wants and needs to be successful by herself. (Adler's wife and daughter in photo above)


AFM: If you were to instill one value in your daughter so she may grow up to be strong and independent, what would it be?

Diggs: I think her personality is like her mom, which some would say is feisty, but I would just say independent and opinionated. We don’t baby her that much. We like her to tell us when she’s not doing well. She uses her hands and she’ll yell and verbalize some stuff. I think she’ll turn into a very opinionated young lady, and I’ll be in trouble when she’s a teenager. I’m sure she’ll try and pull some moves on me.

Adler: I was actually raised in the Midwest, so I had family around me all the time. Good family values and morale are probably two of the biggest things instilled in me – to make sure you’re a very fun-loving, caring, giving person to everyone, no matter who it is. It would probably be the most important to me to push on to her – to make sure that she is the same exact kind, caring and loving person we were raised to be as well. 


AFM: What are your favorite traits about your daughter?

Diggs: The only trait she got of mine is her blue eyes, which is good. I’m glad she got those, but that’s kind of a personal thing. She’s tall, she moves around. I definitely want her to play some type of sport and be active, and she’s definitely trending along that way already.

Adler: Some of the facial expressions she does, she looks very much like me. Her facial expressions are very, very similar to mine. I get pictures sent to me from my wife throughout the day of what she’s doing and it reminds me very much of myself.


AFM: Do you have a favorite activity you enjoy doing with your daughter?

Diggs: I take her and one of our dogs on a 30-minute walk every single morning after I go on a run. I talk to her, and I leave my phone at home, which is very rare for me. Half the time I’m talking and interacting with her and just rambling, and the other half she’s in the zone and just takes in other dogs and bikes and people running around. So that’s pretty cool. It’s a cool little routine.

Adler: I think tummy time when she’s actually learning how to hold her head up and just be on her own, since it’s pretty fun right now. She’s so tiny, I haven’t actually gotten to experience seeing her walk or seeing her crawl. I guess it’s a day-by-day process. She’s my first child and it’s something that’s exciting to see – her progressing and being able to hold her head up and giving smiles and such.


AFM: How do you plan to celebrate your first Father’s Day?

Diggs: We take her everywhere. It’s not like we put her up with a nanny or a sitter all the time. It’s not like I’m going to leave and go play golf or something like that. I think we’ll just go to a fun brunch and bring the baby along. She loves to swim, so we (could) go to a different resort pool. She’ll pick up the water - she loves that. So I don’t know. We don’t really celebrate the holidays that crazily, it’s more like we hang out as a family pretty much every day. 

Adler: Probably to go into work because she is so little, but I don’t know what my wife has up her sleeve. We could probably do something else. Maybe a good Father’s Day brunch or hanging out with my wife and the baby. I don’t need much. Very small things make me happy as long as I’m just with them. That’s all I really need.