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 Joe Diggs Family Small File

AFM: What is most difficult about balancing it all?

Diggs: The most time consuming part is basically it’s a full week of work during normal business hours, (and) then you have to go back at nighttime as well and be there. I’ll be honest; at this point it’s probably not even the baby. I think it’s when you’re leaving the wife to go back to work. Your weekends are eliminated. That’s the hardest thing, but then again, that’s the business I chose. I love my job, and I have since the first time I started. (Diggs, his wife and daughter shown in photo above)

Adler: Not getting to see her. I want to be with her 24/7 but at the same time, in life, you have to make money and support your family and make sure they’re taken care of. She’s such a new baby. I hope I don’t miss laughing and smiling and different things that are happening, and I hope that I’m there and that she’s doing these things when I’m actually around.


AFM:  What has been the most rewarding part of being a dad thus far?

Diggs: At her age right now, it’s that she acknowledges you right as you walk in the room. She starts smiling and laughing and making noises. Being there when she starts crawling. Introducing her to new toys and foods. It’s interactions with her when she’s having a bad day and (is) a little whiny or something and you pick her up, and she stops crying.  

Adler: Man, that’s a difficult question. It was surreal to me before the baby came, and now it’s actually real. Just being able to be a father… it’s an unexplained feeling of having a newborn baby or just having a baby – knowing that it’s yours. Knowing that you’re able to guide them and give them a good life and upbringing and make sure they see life the same way you did, in a good way.


AFM: What have you learned about raising a daughter?

Diggs: I don’t think you really understand until you hold her for the first time or until you watch her wake up and watch her go to bed, how much you really want to protect her, and it’s so hard to put it into words. You look at life in general after and nothing else matters. The world could be coming to an end. You could have a long day at work, and I Just want to hold her, whether she’s happy or sad. Go on walks, play on blankets with toys... She chases everything I put in front of her. I could put any little object in front of her and she’ll crawl faster. She’s pretty special. I think she’s the best looking baby, and we get told many times when we’re out or at the mall that she is, so…

Adler: When I found out I was having a girl, I’m pretty sure my heart dropped instantly. I’ve always heard it’s harder to raise boys than girls, but just being a father and a parent and knowing eventually one day she’ll start dating and she’ll have different things going on in her life? – It’s not just that I’m here for (her), I want to make sure she’s okay to experience life on her own and nothing bad will happen to her.