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2011 Future Face of Foothills Top Twelve

When Arizona Foothills set out to find their second-annual Face of Foothills, they held 14 Casting Calls at Westcor shopping centers. The cover model search had so many beautiful kids and teens enter, Arizona Foothills split the contest in two and created a separate Future Face of Foothills contest.

The Future Face of Foothills...


AFM Tête à Tête: Cupcake Couturier

Nearly six years ago, Candace Nelson launched the world’s very first cupcake bakery, Sprinkles Cupcakes, in Beverly Hills. Since then, Sprinkles has introduced several stylish outposts throughout the nation (including its popular Scottsdale spot, which opened in 2008), and Nelson is now a judge on the well-loved Food Network show, “Cupcake Wars.” AFM chatted with the pastry princess about the new show, her top baking tips and which Sprinkles cupcake will be back by popular demand this month.



Kent Knudson: Arizona Activist Dead at 60

Kent Randolph Knudson
November 11, 1949 - September 25, 2010

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.- Edmund Burke (1729-1797)”

Kent Randolf Knudson, longtime Valley activist, died September 25, 2010 in Phoenix when he took his own life.

Knudson was known for his life of activism and fighting for social justice, among many other things. His most well-known stand was when he led the 9/11 Truth movement in the Valley of the Sun, which included a 9/11 Truth & Accountability Conference where he shed light on another side of the story behind what happened September 11, 2001. He also fought for human rights, the environment, sustainability and ending US military occupations.


5 Radio Personalities Who Tweet

You hear their personalities on the radio. Now read what these radio talents find most important to Tweet about.




Face of Foothills at Christopher's Crush

September 21, Christopher’s Crush at the Biltmore Fashion Park was overflowing with fantastic food, Champagne and of course, the beautiful Face of Foothills finalists. AZ Foothills and the finalists celebrated their hard work and persistence in making it so far in the competition.


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