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Want to score a sexy summer body without doing a lot of leg-work?  Well, a unique method is literally freezing your fat. 

Ok, it might not be a magic pill, but it sure is an appealing way to battle the bulge.

Bid farewell to your muffin top, pregnancy pooch, or love handles without hitting the gym or downing leafy greens.  Dr. Susan Van Dyke says she’s one of three Valley docs offering CoolSculpting, a non-invasive procedure tackling fatty problem spots.

“If you pinch someone’s abdomen, you might get two inches of fat between your fingers.  With this method, after a couple months you’ll only have an inch and a half between your two fingers,” said Dr. Susan Van Dkye, Cosmetic Dermatologist.


Dr. Van Dyke runs a private practice in Paradise Valley.  She has more than 25 years of experience in cosmetic dermatology, offering a wide variety of procedures from Botox to lasers.  (www.vandykelaser.com)

Her latest best-seller is CoolSculpting, a fat-fighting formula that will help you scoring you a skinny outcome.

“Your alternative is liposuction which requires meds, pain, incisions, side effects, and recovery.  This procedure eliminates most of that,” said Dr. Van Dyke.

The FDA approved the savvy procedure in September 2010, and Dr. Van Dyke says it’s the hottest thing since lipo.  (She’s pretty much booked!)   It’s a non-invasive, not very painful procedure that can be done during lunch break; it only takes an hour to literally freeze your fat.

The controlled cooling method is effective because fat freezes at a higher temperature than water; therefore, the bulge-battling method does not damage your skin or other tissue.

“It’s totally safe and completely a sign of the times.”

After sharing a brief medical history and pin-pointing your fatty problem spot, a cooling suction-cup will pull your fat tissue for about an hour.  At first, Dr. Van Dyke says you’ll feel minimal discomfort, but after a few minutes, the numbing will kick in.

“It’s completely permanent because you’re killing fat cells.”

Yes, you still have to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but Dr. Van Dyke says 20-25% of your fat cells will die in a matter of months.  During that time, your immune system will naturally provoke the cells to disappear.

“The patient’s body does most of the work!”

The one-time procedure can be repeated if need be, and costs about $750 per problem spot.  It’s potentially worth every penny; an easy way to say bye-bye to the bulge, resulting in a beautiful; bikini body just in time for summer.


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