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Did you know your eyes, brows, nose, and lips has a lot to say about the person you are? 

Look in the mirror and examine your face.

Do your eyes slant up or droop down?  Is your nose on the smaller side?  How big are your lips?

Turns out, according to non-verbal language analysis Julie Theroux, your face has quite a lot to say about the person you are.

“Every feature on your face identifies a different piece of your personality; characteristics and thought process,” said Julie Theroux, Phoenix face reader.

For nearly 20 years, Theroux has been mastering her research and skills in face examination.  The Valley expert is the author of “Beginning Face Reading,” the nation’s leading reference for information on the physical psychology.

“Your face is a road-map to your life,” said Theroux.

I sat down with Theroux outside a Scottsdale Starbucks.  As we each sipped our tall iced green tea, I could tell she was examining my face.  That’s when Theroux started accurately speaking about my past, passion, career, and relationship—and keep in mind, this is someone I had just met.  I was instantly intrigued, and somewhat became an immediate believer in face reading.

Theroux started with the eyes—known as the window to the soul.

She says eyes reveal your emotional outlook on life.  The larger your eyes, the more open you are to the world; the smaller your eyes, the more withdrawn you tend to be.

If your eyes angle upwards, Theroux says you’re optimistic and expect everything to be picture perfect.  On the flip side, if they angle down, you’re more of a pessimist—but often resilient because you’re always expecting the worst.  If your eyes are even, you’re middle of the road.

And while your eyes disclose emotion, your eyebrows expose your thought process.

Theroux says there are three types of brows: angled, round, and straight.

If you fall into the angled category, you’re a natural-born leader who likes to be in control.  You know what you want and (no doubt) will make it happen.

Rounded brows reveal thoughts centered on people.  You are most concerned with what you can do to serve the world.

And if you sport the straight-look, you’re all about logic—facts, figures, and numbers.  You see the world in black and white.

From the brows to your nose...

Theroux says smaller-nosed people are detail oriented, hard working, but frequently not recognized for their success.  It’s the complete opposite for larger-nosed folks—you tend to receive a lot of acknowledgement for your accomplishments.

Speaking of big noses—the greater the nose, the more concerned you are over money.  You’re apt to have a good sense of finances, especially if your nose grows wider top to bottom.  That means you have the ability to move into successful positions, and won’t accept anything but the best.

However, it’s rare to find a perfect nose.  Theroux says many people have bumps, and that means either a negative or positive event occurred in your life that had something to do with your ego.  (FYI, the expert is against nose jobs—she says your schnoz is a special part of who you are!)

And consider this.

When someone lies, there’s an increase in blood pressure which often causes your nose to tingle.  Therefore, in context of conversation, Theroux says if someone scratches their nose, they’re probably not being 100% honest.  (Makes you think twice next time you’re in a tiff, huh?)