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In my first session, I followed up the Dermology with a go at the Vacunaut. I slipped into a zippered unitard and then into a scuba-type suit, which was then plugged into a machine that, like the Dermology, applies negative and positive pressure. I then stepped on a treadmill and walked for 30 minutes. The Vacunaut definitely gets its users sweating, great for ridding the body of toxins and lymphatic drainage. And though the suit is heavy, the workout isn’t difficult, even for someone who doesn’t exercise on a regular basis. However, the tightness of the scuba suit caused breakage of blood vessels on my skin; though that result isn’t typical, I learned that some people have more sensitivity to the pressure. So for my next session, my coach and I opted to change my course of action and try the S120 instead.

The S120 is essentially a stationary bike that is nestled into a pod that allows vacuum and compression intervals. (Your upper body is out in the open, which allows you to toy with your phone or read a book.) Instead of a full suit as with the Vacunaut, I slipped into a “skirt” make of scuba material that clicked into the pod. In addition to targeting the fat in the lower body, the S120 also reduces fluid retention and helps eliminate cellulite. As with the Vacunaut, the workout itself is a breeze, though it still produces a good sweat.

Though the machines do a great deal of the work for you, it is important to follow the HYPOXI diet guidelines as well. Prior to your HYPOXI appointment, it is recommended that you consume a snack or meal with a moderate amount of carbs to provide energy for your session. Post-session, don’t eat for at least two hours and be sure to limit your carbs for four to six hours afterward. Also, no caffeine or alcohol after your session. Overall, and as with just about any wellness plan, try to maintain a diet of clean and healthy eating to achieve and maintain your desired results.

After six sessions, my coach once again took my measurements to gage my progress. Halfway through my sessions, I was already down 3.5 inches, mostly in my hip area. At 12 sessions, I was down another 5.25 inches (this time, with a big difference in my stomach measurements). Thus, my grand total was 8.75 inches lost. And though losing pounds is not the goal of HYPOXI, it was a nice bonus to have lost nearly three pounds, as well.

Though I entered into the HYPOXI experience with a bit of skepticism, as I am sure most people do, I finished my experience as a believer in the product. The coaches make it a fun, non-intimidating experience to take part in three times a week; the workouts are suitable for those of any age, body type or fitness level; the studio itself is open, airy and modern, yet private enough to complete your workouts in peace; and, finally, the results simply speak for themselves.

Packages start at $684, with training sessions as low as $42 per session. hypoxibody.com.