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Alina Samasiuk of iuk iuk
From the start, founder and designer of iuk iuk, Alina Samasiuk was a couturier. After learning to sew, crochet and create patterns during her youth, the Belarus native followed her passion to bring both flair and philanthropy into the world of fashion. “I believe it is not just about making money for one individual but also about supporting the local community and the domestic economy,” Samasiuk says. “I want to use my success and creativity to help others.” As her burgeoning label grows, this Valley-based fashion darling continues to inspire with her unique, modern designs and enlightened perspective.

I was inspired by my grandmother, my parents, people around me, Yves Saint Laurent, Coco Chanel, Alexander McQueen and Issey Miyake to become a designer.
My favorite part of my job is figuring out how to bring my ideas into a physical object. I enjoy all the steps from sketching of the garment to technical drawings, sample making and seeing it on a model.
If I weren’t a designer, I would do something else in fine arts, languages or diplomatic relations.
My biggest influence is being in love, change, travel and people.
My favorite piece I’ve ever designed is the two-piece garment of a dress and a skirt-apron-jacket that can be worn in eight or more different ways.
My favorite items in my closet are solid-fitting jeans, men’s dress shirts and a black motorcycle jacket. I am still dreaming about a couple Alexander McQueen and Rodarte pieces that are only in the closet when I close my eyes.

iuk iuk www.alinasamasiuk.com.