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With unrivaled talent and unparalleled creations, these four Valley designers are taking the fashion world by storm and redefining Arizona as a destination for style.


Angela Johnson of Angela Johnson Designs
With an infectious sense of humor and eye for vintage pieces, Angela Johnson’s creations are imbued with an inherent sense of playfulness. While her designs effervesce, the meticulous way in which they are crafted and her astute attention to detail leaves no doubt that Johnson is a true professional. The Scottsdale native has garnered accolades for her dedication to fashion, winning multiple awards including Artist of the Year from the Scottsdale Cultural Council. As a pioneer for eco-friendly clothing, her use of thrifted and recycled T-shirts is not only fashionable but environmentally responsible. Whether saving the earth or designing the hottest T-shirt ball gowns, Johnson is a regular Wonder Woman.

I was inspired by my grandmother to become a designer. She loved clothing that was unique and held on to everything from the 1940’s until she died, and I used to play in her closets as a child.
My ultimate goal is for my line to be big enough that it would be my only source of income. Right now, I also teach fashion design to supplement my income. Because I make everything out of recycled T-shirts, it’s impossible to mass produce so it’s reached its maximum size until I can figure out some way to make more of them quicker and cheaper.  
Fashion has inspired my life because it’s always been a way to express myself.
My biggest influences are current trends, music, pop culture and my sense of humor.
My favorite piece I’ve ever designed is the T-shirt ball gown because it became the inspiration for my entire line of clothing and remains a staple in my line year after year.
I would describe my personal style as youthful, casual, classic with some avant-garde thrown in.
My favorite item in my closet is either a T-shirt party dress I made out of my old T-shirts or one of my grandmother’s vintage dresses.

Angela Johnson Designs www.angelajohnsondesigns.com.