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Limited Edition - Ten Luxury Items

When it comes to the material world, a limited edition indulgence is perhaps the most luxurious of all. Here, AFM got the inside scoop on all things limited edition, from expert advice to our favorite available-for-a-limited-time-only treasures. Curious what’s on the limited edition market at the moment? These are our 10 favorite finds. 

2010 Bugati Grand Sport

bugatti grand sport


GoDaddy Founder Bob Parsons - Easy Rider

Bob Parsons is a guy’s guy. He loves motorcycles, sports and the Wild West. The spirited founder of GoDaddy and owner of the new Scottsdale Ducati dealership that opened in late September, sat down with us in his new North Scottsdale showroom to talk about what he loves best about Arizona and his Ducati venture, and why now is a great time to expand his business.



First Microsoft Store Opens in Scottsdale

The new Microsoft store makes shopping easy and learning even easier.



12 Tips for Parents of ADD/ADHD Children

The budget shortfall is putting a squeeze on Arizona’s educational resources, and teachers, parents and students are no doubt feeling the pinch. While hard on everyone, these trim times are especially tough on children with ADD or ADHD. As teachers are forced to cope with the vast symptoms of swollen class sizes, learning-challenged students are forced to go without the extra attention often critical to their success.



10 Tips for Staying Safe This Halloween

Arizona based homebuilder, Maracay Homes, maintains a core value of job site safety for its employees, trades and homeowners. This Halloween, Maracay Homes is extending its reach and partnering with parents and children in Arizona neighborhoods to demonstrate how to use reflector dots at night and tips for staying safe while out trick or treating. Blythe Sweeney is the director of marketing and communications for Maracay Homes and offers these helpful tips to keep families safer this season:


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