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TRU Match is Born
When Leslee Alexander Gibbs opened her promotional modeling agency, Event-pros, in 1991 she didn’t know the path would eventually lead her to helping people find love. A former model herself, she had an innate ability to match the right model personality, talent and intelligence that would best represent that company’s brand. This lead her to great success.

She found a parallel to matching talent with corporations as with matching singles. As a hobby, she started helping her friends find love, including one of her clients...

At the time, Chey Loraine was a VP of Marketing/Events for JP Morgan Chase and a client of Event-pros. Loraine loved working with Event-pros as they provided outstanding promotional models who were perfectly matched for her needs. A great friendship and partnership was born from this and Loraine eventually became the Senior Business Manager for Event-pros.

Leslee knew all along that she would be helping Chey find TRU love and she would say to her ”you manage my business and I will manage your love life.” They both kept their end of the bargains.

Now they have joined forces to bring TRU love to the Valley by launching Scottsdale’s newest matchmaking firm, TRU Match. More than a dating service, TRU Match is focused on helping singles find TRU and lasting love.

To learn more about TRU Match or schedule a personal appointment call 480.664.0007, email info@mytrumatch.com or visit www.mytrumatch.com.