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Best Marketing Professional
Alexis Krisay, Serendipit Consulting
  30.43 %
Anthony Sarandrea, Founder & CEO at SiteFlood
  0.17 %
Aric Zion, Partner and CEO of Zion & Zion
  0.17 %
Beau Lane, Lane-Terralever
  0.00 %
Bill Lavidge, The Lavidge Company
  5.39 %
Dan Santy, Santy Integrated
  4.17 %
David Eichler, Decibel Blue
  0.87 %
Jason Rose, Rose+Moser+Allyn PR
  0.52 %
Kathy Munson, Media Buying Services
  0.00 %
Laura Kiel, Prime Time Marketing West
  0.00 %
Margo Kesler, Owner of MMPR Marketing
  1.22 %
Melissa Rein, Owner of The Brand Consortium
  0.00 %
Michelle Olson, Fingerpaint Marketing
  1.91 %
Ray Artigue, Artigue Agency
  0.52 %
Steve LeVine, Owner of SLE
  0.52 %
Ted Anderson, Anderson Advertising & PR
  0.17 %
Tim Reister, Reister Advertising
  0.70 %
Veronique James, President of the James Agency
  53.22 %
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