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Taryn McCullough is a vibrant stay-at-home mother to two wonderful daughters and is in desperate need of a dramatic makeover. The daily routine of mommyhood has left Taryn’s hair dull and lifeless. After a recent surgery, Taryn decided it was time to pull herself out of her beauty slump and bring some energy and femininity to her look.

Many people believe a summer makeover must include bright highlights with lots of blonde but the experts over at Rolfs Salon thought Taryn required something a bit bolder to fit her fun and sassy personality. One of Rolfs’ expert stylists deepened her color, making the maintenance easy for this busy mom, and added some bold, dimensional highlights to bring attention to her beautiful eyes. For her haircut, Rolf wanted to create a shape that is fresh, yet manageable, so the stylist cut off 4-5 inches of length and added lots of soft layers to give Taryn’s hair some movement and style. Ultimately, Taryn left a brand new woman with a beautiful hairstyle that suits her personality and lifestyle. www.rolfssalon.com