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Mark your calendars for the premier screening of Angels Of Our Better Nature: One Person Can Make A Difference, a documentary by Douglas Proce on April 30th! 


Desoto Central Market will host this very special event, featuring a brief discussion by special panel of guests speakers prior to the film. The panel includes Chris Hooley, the founder of Rekindle (a group that also advocates for the homeless), Jon Linton who is the founder of the I Have A Name Project and the film’s cinematographer and editor, Douglas Proce. Desoto Central Market is located in the heart of downtown Phoenix at 915 N. Central Avenue from 6-9pm and is free for all ages. Get a special sneak peek of the film with the recently released trailer.


Angels of Our Better Nature was conceived through my work with Linton over the course of the last couple of years watching and working with him and The I Have a Name Project. Jon Linton originally pitched Proce the idea of doing a documentary highlighting his work serving the homeless through his project The I Have a Name Project. “Doug was excited to work on the concept and developed a piece of art that shares a more expansive, well-rounded, and uplifting film,” stated Linton. Proce was inspired to “create a film to move people to be passionate about whatever cause they support,” said Proce. This film centers on advocate Jon Linton and the others they encountered during their trip in Los Angeles with the ultimate purpose of motivating people to take action.


Proce was able to spend a week traveling with Jon Linton and producer Joy Matsushita on the Let’s Be Better Humans bus to California capturing the work and people over the course of the week. From filming to completion this film took about 3 months resulting in a inspiring 47-minute film that shows how one person can make the difference in the lives of those who need compassion the most. Angels Of Our Better Nature: One Person Can Make A Difference is the first feature film by Douglas Proce and his production company Connected Films.


The film is a lesson in humanity, sharing an important and beautiful story about how just one person can make a difference and remaindering us all that we all can be super heroes!  Sharing the importance of compassion and how affective a few people can be at making a difference when they can no longer turn a blind eye to human suffering and they instead to choose to act. Showcasing the work of Jon Linton, founder of the "I Have A Name Project", Elvis Summers, founder of "Starting Human", and the "Tiny Houses, Huge Purpose Project", Maike Both, founder of "Unfuck The World", as well as homeless advocates Ari Beers, and Arielle Caputo.

Douglas proce

Since Connected Films launch in 2011 Proce has been busy creating work that focuses on the community and the people within it. His main objective with his filmmaking is to create films that connect people attentively with the subject matter. Previously he released a short documentary film titled "The Garden Mural" in collaboration with Jon Linton and the I Have A Name Project, cosponsored by Shade Projects that chronicled the mural project, its process, and the eventual creation of a beautiful mural located at the monOrchid. Local artist Brian Boner designed and painted “The Garden” mural that was meant to memorializes those we have lost to homelessness, by. Both the project and film were met with wonderful reviews and widely covered in the local media. To learn more about this project or the talented filmmaker Douglas Proce visit www.connectedfilms.com and on YouTube. *All images are courtesy of the Douglas Proce & Jon Linton.