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His pancake art soon gained national attention. Gonzalez was on “The Harry Show” with Harry Connick Jr., a nationally televised TV show in New York, where he was able to show off his pancake art skills, and he has been on several local Arizona Tv shows.

Although, pancake art is something he’s good at and enjoys doing, since he resides in Arizona where the temperature is always hot, people only want pancakes about two months out of the year. So, Gonzalez picked up other forms of art. He has been working on all his artistic skill and has recently started painting, whether it be murals on bedroom walls, painting a on a pair of shoes or sand art on a table (as seen on the opening page). He is always striving to improve.

“I just get my motivation from whatever I’m feeling at the moment,” Gonzalez says. “I like to make ordinary things extraordinary.”

The road to success has been far from easy for he Pancake Picasso. While he was doing the national television show in New York, his landlord had given him and his family a 30-day notice to get out of the house they had lived in for six years. He had no idea where he, his wife and their five kids were going to live when he returned to Arizona. This was only one of the setbacks that Gonzalez has faced.

In March of 2017, Gonzalez slipped and pulled several muscles which caused him to leave his job as an irrigation tech at golf course--yet another setback.

The hardships that Gonzalez has gone through along with his kids have kept him humble.

“It’s always hard to please them [his kids] because they know what I can do,” Gonzalez says. Gonzalez joked and says that eating Michael Jordan-shaped pancakes for breakfast was just a normal thing for them now.