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Hiking, mountain biking, fishing (Tanque Verde has its own lake), yoga, tennis and pickleball are just a few of the activities that guests are invited to take part in. In fact, the ranch resort even has a weekly activities schedule for both children and adults so guests know exactly when tennis clinics or mountain biking adventures commence. There is even an on-site nature center that is a huge hit with the younger guests who want to visit the various desert creatures—including a variety of snakes—who are kept there. (Be sure to check the activities schedule to see when the center has scheduled lectures on hummingbirds or rattlesnakes, for instance.) And this time of year, simply sitting poolside makes for the ultimate day outdoors.


A trip to Tanque Verde simply isn’t complete if you don’t put a little giddy-up into it. The ranch resort is home to more than 160 horses, and guests of all levels of horseback-riding expertise are invited ride (even kiddos). During the walking rides (perfect for novices), the staff guides riders on an easy, gentle ride through the desert where not only the horses are beautiful, but so are the surroundings. A can’t-miss experience is the walking ride to breakfast on Sunday mornings. At 7:45 a.m., guests are invited to be a part of a guided ride to the hilltop Old Homestead (again, another easy trot). There, the staff then whips up an incredible feast of its famous blueberry pancakes, bacon, fruit, coffee and much more before the ride back to the ranch commences.