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A three-day Tucson event will celebrate mid-century modern design. Modernism embraced new ideas, bold colors, and honesty of materials in a time of classical traditions. With materials like concrete, plywood, and chrome, modernism symbolized the future. This form of design set a new path for America and architecture.

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Tucson’s first Modernism week, November 9-11, will feature a series of films, lectures, entertainment, parties, pop-up shops, a classic car display, home tour, and more events. Most events are free and open to the public. Guests are invited to learn about the Modern Design movement after World War II.

The movement has become known as Desert Modern in southern Arizona, using regional materials and adapting the architecture to the desert climate. In Desert Modern there is an emphasis on indoor and outdoor living. Not only will the event celebrate Modern Design, but also the history of Tucson’s architecture.

The Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation and Pima Community College put on Tucson Modernism Week. The event is led by Demion Clinco, president of the Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation and CEO of Frontier Consulting Group LLC, and Elizabeth Przygoda-Montgomery, an award-winning landscape designer and founder of Boxhill Design.

The events begin November 9 with a conversation by Anne Rysdale, the only registered practicing female architect in Arizona from 1949-1960. An opening ceremony and lecture with Charles Phoenix will also be featured. Saturday, November 10, Yoga Modern, a Pop-up Shop and Expo, and several lectures, films, and discussions will take place.

Guests will not only learn about an important movement in American and Tucson design, but will be able to meet architecture stars and others with similar interests.