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Eat Pray Love
After just one night at El Monte Sagrado, I felt a little more Roberts-esque myself. The perma-grin staff have a way of making you feel important and everything about the setting was luxurious, from my room’s artistic accents (many of the paintings are by local artists) to the organic toiletries. I was well-rested and raring to go llama trekking.

Now, for those of you who’ve shunned the wooly beasts because of their penchant for spitting, rest assured. Our eco-geeky guide, Stuart Wilde, who listed llama facts and petroglyph stats with equal pizzazz, quickly cleared up that myth. Yes, llamas spit—at each other, not at humans. I got paired up with Zephyr, the teenage rebel of the bunch. Yes, he stole a chomp of grass every chance he got, but not once did he complain about hauling our gourmet lunch into the 800-foot-deep Rio Grande Gorge.

How do you follow up a day of llama trekking? At the spa, of course. Looking over the Living Spa’s menu of tempting treatments can feel like grocery shopping on an empty stomach; everything sounded delectable. After much deliberation, I went with the Talistone, a combo hot stone massage/chakra balancer. I swear the therapist had magic hands as she worked the heated river rocks over my body, paying special attention to my tight hamstrings and shoulders. It was like hot yoga meets massage, and I loved every muscle-melting minute.

The next day was a bit of a blur. It started with a private yoga class led by the hypnotic Heidi Gates who managed to downward dog away any remaining tension and ended with elk tenderloin at De La Tierra. In between, I museum-hopped, soaked in my queen-size tub and curled up with a book in front of the fireplace. I was so busy doing nothing and everything that I almost forgot my mission. Almost.

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