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Say you book a facial, get ready for one of the best facials of your life. The aesthetician will coat your face in layers of lotions and potions, some tingly in a good way, sloughing, stimulating and saturating your skin in exfoliating enzymes, anti-aging serums and moisturizing botanicals, with massage breaks in between that feel more like full-blown rubdowns. When the 50 minutes ticks down, you’ll peel yourself like spaghetti off the table and stand in front of the mirror in awe of your new complexion. A dewy, beachy glow is a given, but even the texture is more baby’s bottom and wow, you look younger. And that’s just the facial. Algae-infused body scrubs, hydrating wraps and tension-relieving massages delivered with naturally-sourced products and expert hands, will leave you like putty, but the glowing, rejuvenated kind.  And who said weathered skin had to be part of an ocean getaway?



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