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There’s a lot we’ve come to expect from a California coastal hotel. It has to have stunning views of the sunset, the kind that make guests clamor for a photo before the fiery glow dips below the azure horizon. It has to revolve around water, a playful pool surrounded by lazy lounge chairs plus easy access to eons of ocean and vast stretches of sand and for digging, dipping and discovering (bonus if there’s a beach concierge to lug the essentials, chairs, umbrellas and nibbles, to the sand). Perhaps most of all it has to have that ocean life vibe, the kind that makes you decompress as soon as you hit the lobby or the bar or your bed, with each “hit” a little more stress deflating from your shoulders.

Well, Cape Rey, a 215-room California coastal property nestled along the Pacific coast north of San Diego, has all of the above in droves—the wraparound sunset deck is the prefect place to capture the sunset, with top-notch food and drinks to enjoy while you watch it sink, the pool and ocean are both begging to be tamed, whether by kayak, paddleboard, surfboard or hot tub, and the vibe is quintessential California with a download that dawns as soon as you check. In short, water lovers, free-spirits and adventurers are more than covered, but the beachside property also has a secret weapon up its beachy sleeve: The spa. Inspired by the ocean and named aptly named after it, Ocean Crest Spa is a glistening, glittering, glorious blue-hued gem within a gem with healing and heavenly services that could go head-to-head with some of the best spas in the world.

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