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Different Level Vases

This centerpiece is perfect for capturing a vintage-inspired look. Check out your local thrift stores or antique shops (Tattered Nest and Audrey's are especially great) for different kinds of vases or jars. Fill each with something different like pine cones, apples, pears and floating water candles. This creates a very eclectic centerpiece and rustic ambience that your guests are bound to enjoy. Source: Writer’s idea


Candlestick Picture Holder

You can find different kinds of candlesticks for great prices at antique shops. Bring them back to life by painting them your color of choice. The size of corks you’ll need will depend on your candlesticks. Craft stores sell bags with different sizes. Push a cork into the top of each candlestick and insert a paperclip into the cork. Make a small slit in the cork if needed to fit the paperclip. Slide your pictures into the top of the paperclip and arrange the candlesticks on your table. These are great way to display photos of guests attending your Thanksgiving feast. Source: One Charming Party.