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Meet Jewelry Designer: TA Vintage Designs

Tammy Author is a visionary designer who is motivated by an astonishing passion for self-expression through art. Her works are often distinguished for their distinctive style, sophistication, and technique. She “designs one of a kind jewelry pieces that are created from vintage and antique pendants, charms, brooches, baubles, beads, and treasures.” Author is always on the hunt in antique stores to find the perfect pieces for her line. This has also always been one of Tammy’s favorite activities.

Tammy's irreplaceable pieces take an innovative place in history and “her designs are works of art that bring out an individual's personality.”  This jewelry makes heads turn.

Let Tammy turn your heirloom, or that piece of jewelry that just lacks a little something extra, into a timeless piece that reflects your eternal chic.

To visit Tammy's site, click here.

Arizona Foothills Magazine: How long have you been designing TA Vintage Designs?  How did you first start?

TA Vintage Designs: I am going on my third year.  TA Vintage Designs started one spring when I was fiddling with all my vintage and antique treasures that I have collected over the years I would wear what I designed, and people began commenting on my necklaces asking where I bought them.  My business was born.

AFM: What inspires your designs?

TAVD: I love old architecture, beautiful landscapes, the mountains and wide-open spaces. I love pearls and how Grace Kelly wore them. I love bright colors, whether it is a blooming garden, the blues and greens of the ocean or the jewels of Miriam Haskell.

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AFM: Where and what do you look for when you shop?

TAVD: I am always on the hunt for vintage treasures.  I have a daughter that lives in the Mid-west, and family on the east and west coasts.  When I go visit, I make sure to allot treasure-hunting time. I just went to France with my sister and found some wonderful unique pieces--and lots of inspiration

AFM: What is your favorite piece of jewelry to make and to wear?

            TAVD: My favorite piece to wear is anything with pearls.


AFM: Describe your jewelry line.

TAVD: TA Vintage Designs is a vintage jewelry line.  I try to add a fresh spin to each piece I make.  Every piece is one-of-a kind, unique and each has a story to tell.

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AFM: Have you always had a passion for jewelry growing up, or was this a more recent interest?

TAVD: I’ve always loved vintage jewelry. I remember going into antique stores as a young girl and always gravitating toward the jewelry cases.

 AFM: Do you custom designs or are they already designed for purchase?

TAVD: Yes, I do custom designs and I have ready-to-purchase items.


AFM: What trends do you gravitate towards when making your jewelry?

TAVD: Feminine, sophisticated and pretty with a vintage twist.  I like to use classic styles with simple lines.                    

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AFM: What pieces have been most popular?

TAVD: People like the uniqueness about my jewelry.  My metal necklaces have been popular.


AFM: Favorite pieces of jewelry you own?

TAVD: My wedding ring.


AFM: Favorite album you could listen to on repeat?

       TAVD: Billy Joel, Piano Man.