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Want the coolest one-of-a-kind couture must-haves?  Check out the hot hub for everything chic, and read about the woman behind the Scottsdale store.

Want to get your creative juices flowing?  Well, we’ve got your ticket to perfecting everything arts and crafts: Jam.

Located in the heart of Old Town is the quaint and adorable artisan’s boutique, owned by Shauna Kupetz.  The 30-something entrepreneur always dreamed of a place where she could put her own thumbprint, and lucky for her, she’s living the dream.

“It’s named Jam after my brothers, Johnny and Max,” said Shauna Kupetz, Jam owner.

Kupetz opened Jam in December 2010, a unique store offering one-of-a-kind, tough-to-find items either handmade, homemade, reused, or refurbished.  More than 30 local and national artists have their stuff on sale at the Scottsdale store where you’ll find jewelry, home décor, furniture, paintings, and attire galore. 

“Everything is couture chic.  You can find the perfect present for $5, or splurge on a great piece for $5,000,” she said.

Kupetz grew up in Louisiana, but moved to Arizona nearly 10 years ago.  She ran a Valley woman’s group for about 8 years, but wanted to take things to a larger level.

“I want to help businesses grow and excel.  It’s a win-win-win for me, the artists, and our valued shoppers.”

Yep, everyone wins.  Kupetz stimulates our local economy, giving artists a hot hub to sell their stuff.  And artists don’t have to worry about competition—Kupetz showcases one designer per niche. 

“I carefully choose the products we sell.  They’re not all polished and perfect, but it’s stuff stores like Neiman’s would surely consider.”

You’ll find Betsy Johnson’ish embellished hats, hand-made cards, canvas yoga bags, and Lazy Susans made out of cork. 

And you can also learn how to create cool stuff by yourself.

“We offer 8-12 specialized classes a week.”

That’s right, Valley experts head to Jam on a regular basis, teaching creative courses like calligraphy, poker, baking, welding, home-brewing, and gardening.  The classes range from $15-$35, and all supplies are included.  And as we head into the holidays, you’ll definitely want to head to Jam.  Kupetz says there are many season-related courses, perfect for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. 

For a one-day deal on classes, visit today’s www.doozyofadeal.com

And for more Jammin’ information, visit:  www.jam-az.com

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